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How Does Private Health Insurance Affect Child Support?

How does private health insurance affect child support?  There are a number of factors that are used in calculating child support. One of the factors is private health insurance. The parent who pays for the health insurance for the children gets credit for it in the child support calculation. However, the parent is only entitled to credit for the marginal cost of health insurance. The marginal cost of health insurance is usually the difference between paying for their own insurance premium and the premium for both the parent and the children. The credit is issued by making the other parent contribute to the insurance in the form of an offset in child support equal to that other parent’s share of the total income earned by both parents.

Health Insurance Costs Affect Child Support Calculations


The following illustrates how the marginal cost of health insurance works:

The mother has custody of the children and the father pays child support.
The father makes $30,000 per year, and the mother makes $20,000 per year.
The father has health insurance which costs $100 per month for him and $300 per month for him and the children.
The marginal cost of insurance is $200.00 per month.
The father’s child support would be reduced by 40% of the cost of insurance, which is the mother’s share of the total income ($20,000/$50,000 = 40%).
The father’s reduction in child support is $80.00 per month.

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