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When Does Spousal Support End?

Daniel F. Gigiano, Wadsworth OhioWhen does spousal support end?  Even when spousal support is determined as lifetime spousal support, it is not necessarily forever.

There are four ways in which an order for spousal support may terminate:

  1. Spousal support may terminate on a specified date;
  2. Spousal support may terminate upon the occurrence of a specified event;
  3. The domestic relations court may terminate spousal support pursuant to its continuing jurisdiction if a change of circumstances has occurred that supports termination of spousal support;
  4. Spousal support may terminate as a matter of law upon remarriage of the recipient spouse or the death of either party.

Does spousal support end when the recipient spouse cohabitates with a member of the opposite sex?  Not necessarily.  Termination of spousal support upon cohabitation can occur if this condition is written in the separation agreement and divorce decree.

Does spousal support end when the recipient finds a better job?  Not necessarily.  If the court does not reserve jurisdiction to modify spousal support, then it does not matter if the recipient gets a better job.  The parties locked in the spousal support figure.  What if the payer loses his or her job?  Same answer.  If the parties want to allow the court to consider such changes in the future, then the court must reserve jurisdiction to do so.  Otherwise, spousal support will not increase or decrease, but will only be subject to termination.


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