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Filing Tax Returns During A Pending Divorce

In my practice, I frequently confront the question of filing tax returns during a pending divorce, whether they should file an individual or joint return and what they should do with the refund. The other issue is whether the parties should file an individual or joint return.


Filing tax returns during a pending divorce depends on the situation. First, in the vast majority of divorces, there are restraining orders prohibiting the parties from disposing of assets and possibly even filing tax returns in the absence of a court order or mutual agreement. Therefore, going off on one’s own, filing an individual tax return and keeping the refund could be grounds for contempt.


Second, the refund or liability from the filing of the return could be an asset or liability to be allocated in the divorce. Taking a refund and spending it could expose one to losing a more valued asset that the court may award the spouse in the divorce to offset the value of the refund. Taking on a liability alone could expose one to being personally liable to the government. If there are not enough assets in the divorce, that spouse could have little recourse for taking on such a debt.


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The best practice is usually to have a tax professional determine whether individual or joint tax returns have the best advantage and filing accordingly, while splitting refunds and liabilities associated with the returns. This results in a wash in the divorce, leaving the court and parties to focus on the assets and liabilities already present in the divorce. Because people often receive refunds, this method could also evenly distribute cash to parties who have already spent a great deal of money managing separate households and paying for the costs of the divorce.


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