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Can You Force Your Spouse into a Divorce?

I am often asked: can you force your spouse into a divorce?  Many parties get divorced by agreement, otherwise known as a dissolution.  While getting divorced by agreement can be less expensive, save time, and be less emotionally draining, sometimes the parties cannot reach an agreement or one spouse refuses to get divorced.  While most divorcing couples would simply agree that they are incompatible, otherwise known as stipulating to incompatibility, Ohio provides for a number of grounds for divorce.

Force Your Spouse Into A Divorce With Grounds

The grounds for divorce in Ohio provided by Ohio Revised Code 3105.01 (R.C. 3105.01) include: either party was already married when they got married to their current spouse; willful absence of the other spouse for one year; adultery; extreme cruelty; fraudulent contract; gross neglect of duty; habitual drunkenness; the spouse is in prison; and living separate and apart for one year.  R.C. 3105.01 also allows a divorce in Ohio if the spouse obtained a divorce in another state that only released the other spouse from the marriage.  This could happen if the out-of-state court lacked jurisdiction over some aspects of the divorce when it granted a divorce.


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