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When Child Support Ends

When does child support stop?  How do you stop paying child support?  Does child support stop when a child turns eighteen?  Child support terminates or ends in a number of circumstances.  Ohio Revised Code 3119.88 (R.C. 3119.88) outlines the reasons why child support terminates and when child support ends.  The statute says that the child support order should terminate if any of the following occur:

  • The child is no longer attending high school upon turning eighteen years old.
  • The child stops attending high school after turning eighteen years old.
  • The child dies.
  • The child gets married.
  • The child becomes emancipated.
  • The child enlists in the armed services.
  • The child is deported.
  • Legal custody of the child changes.

Within twenty days of getting a notice as set forth in R.C. 3119.87, the child support enforcement agency (CSEA) is required to complete an investigation to determine if child support should terminate.  As you can see, child support stops not only with a change in custody, but when the child gets married, the child joins the military, the child is sent to another country by the INS, the child turns eighteen and is not in school, the child passes away, or the child is emancipated.


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