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What Do Those Words In My Child Support Order Mean?

There are a lot of technical terms in a child support order that can lead a parent to ask, “What do those words in my child support order mean?”


Ohio Revised Code 3119.01 (R.C. 3119.01) defines a substantial number of these terms.  Lets take a look at some of the terms.


Obligee means the person who is entitled to receive the support payments under a support order.


Obligor means the person who is required to pay support under a support order.


Extraordinary medical expenses means any uninsured medical expenses incurred for a child during a calendar year that exceed one hundred dollars.


Imputed income is what the court or agency determines the parent would have earned if fully employed as determined from the following criteria of the parent: prior employment experience; education; physical and mental disabilities; availability of employment in the geographic area in which the parent resides; the prevailing wage and salary levels in the geographic area in which the parent resides; special skills and training; any evidence that the parent has the ability to earn the imputed income; the age and special needs of the child for whom child support is being calculated; and the parent’s increased earning capacity because of experience.


Split parental rights and responsibilities means a situation in which there is more than one child who is the subject of an allocation of parental rights and responsibilities and each parent is the residential parent and legal custodian of at least one of those children.


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