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Foreclosure Defense

Daniel Gigiano is a Wadsworth, Ohio based foreclosure defense attorney. If you live in Medina, Summit, or Wayne County, contact Attorney Gigiano today at (330) 336-3330 for legal consultation regarding your foreclosure situation.

Daniel F. Gigiano Co., L.P.A. has the experience to handle your foreclosure defense needs.This includes, but is not limited to:
– Foreclosure Defense
– Mortgage Modification

Attorney Gigiano has helped numerous homeowners fight the red tape of the modification process, while fighting the bank’s lawyer’s efforts to foreclose on the home. Attorney Gigiano stops the foreclosure process in its tracks to give homeowners and their families the chance to stay in their homes. Call now to learn how he can help you save your home. Attorney Gigiano has successfully kept homeowners in their homes in Medina, Summit and Wayne Counties.

When it comes to time with your children, the right amount of support, or getting your property, there is no substitute for the experience and aggressiveness Attorney Gigiano delivers. Attorney Gigiano has practiced family law since 2000 and has helped numerous Ohio parents fight for their rights and get the justice they deserved. Attorney Gigiano has successfully gotten parents substantially more support than the administrative agency (CSEA) had granted; has foiled opposing parents’ efforts to revive unfinished support applications; gotten people custody of the child even after a court granted permanent custody to children services; and limited abusive and inappropriate parents to supervised visitation with the children.

What is Foreclosure Defense?

Under the Making Home Affordable act, homeowners who fall behind on their mortgage payments can have their mortgages modified. This can be accomplished by reducing the initial interest rate to as low as 2% and extending the term of the mortgage loan. This process often occurs at the same as the foreclosure process. Because the time to complete the modification process varies, it is important to protect your rights by defending the foreclosure complaint. An experienced attorney can help you obtain your modification and defend your foreclosure case.

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