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Ohio Appeal Rights

If you do not like the ruling at trial, you may have Ohio appeal rights, which is the right to appeal the trial court’s decision.


Ohio Appeal Rights To Appeal The Magistrate



If the trial or hearing was heard by a magistrate, you have the right to appeal the magistrate. If the magistrate issued an order, you have the right to ask the judge to set the order aside.  This must be filed within ten days of the order.  Filing this motion does not automatically stop the order from taking effect.  If the magistrate issued a decision, you have the right to object to the decision.  The objection automatically stops enforcement of the decision.  Unfortunately, this includes the parts you may like along with the parts to which you have objections.  The objection must be filed within fourteen days of the filing of the magistrate’s decision.

Ohio Appeal Rights To Appeal The Judge



If the judge heard the trial or if the judge rules on the appeal of the magistrate’s decision or order, you have the right to appeal the judge. The appeal must be filed within thirty days of the judge’s final appealable order.  In Medina County, Wayne County, Summit County, and Lorain County, the appeal must be filed in the Ninth District Court of Appeals.


Ohio Appeal Rights to Appeal The Ohio Court Of Appeals



You do not have the automatic right to appeal the courts of appeals in Ohio to the Ohio Supreme Court. The Ohio Supreme Court must first grant permission for the appeal based on a limited number of reasons.


Ohio Right To Appeal Is Not A New Trial


While objections, motions to set aside and appeals allow people another chance to have the issues decided in their favor, it is not a new trial. The appeals are limited to the evidence introduced in the trial or hearing.  Sometimes, the judge or appellate court could order additional evidence to be produced.  However, that additional evidence will be given to the original trier of fact—the trial court.

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How To Get An Ohio Appeal Rights Attorney To Fight For You


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