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Cheap Criminal Defense Attorney

My office receives a lot of phone calls asking what I charge for a criminal defense or DUI defense.  Some of these prospective clients are looking for a cheap criminal defense attorney or a cheap DUI attorney.  Some are just trying to get an idea of the range of criminal attorney fees.  We happily give them our fee and tell them what we do for that fee.  However, it is really difficult to really show them all that we do for that fee.  While we have a competitive fee, we are not the lowest fee.  We do not want to be the lowest fee because of the loss of professionalism and service that would likely occur if we were to charge such a low fee.

Working With Daniel Gigiano Means Working With A Professional


This Medina County criminal law lawyer near Seville, Ohio, provides professional criminal defense services.  The client meets with the criminal defense attorney at the initial consultation.  After being retained for services, the Medina criminal law attorney demands discovery, sends a copy of the discovery response to the client and thoroughly reviews the discovery.  The discovery may include hours of video.  Do you want that video reviewed by the attorney?  This Barberton criminal law attorney in Wadsworth conducts that review, sends the client a copy and discusses the content of the video with the client.  This double review is important as it combines a professional viewpoint with that of the person who was either there or has enough personal knowledge to understand key points of the video.  This Akron criminal law attorney near Copley, Ohio also reviews the law as applied to the client’s case.  This Wadsworth attorney in Medina County uses all of this information to fight for your rights, vigorously work a plea bargain, and make effective arguments before the court.

Daniel Gigiano Cares About Your Job


Some may say, all of that work is for people who want to go to trial, but I just want to get it over with.  How much is your freedom worth?  There have been many cases where this Wayne County, Ohio criminal law attorney got a reduced sentence, got the charges dismissed without a trial, or got the court to throw out the evidence prior to trial.  How much money would you lose if you could not go to work because you had to go to jail?  If you factor that in, is the cheap criminal law attorney really more cost-effective?  This Medina criminal law lawyer near Rittman recently had a case where the client hired a cheaper attorney to represent him on one charge and Attorney Gigiano on a second charge that arose from the same set of facts.  Although Attorney Gigiano was hired nearly a month after the other attorney, within three weeks, Attorney Gigiano was told by opposing counsel that Attorney Gigiano had done far more work on the case than the other attorney.  The other attorney’s fee was far less than Attorney Gigiano, but Attorney Gigiano’s hard work resulted in numerous charges being dropped, including the charges that the other attorney was hired for.  The other cheaper attorney did not accomplish any of those things.  When you hire an attorney, do you want someone to just stand with you in court, or do you want a fierce advocate on your side?

Daniel Gigiano’s Employment Eligibility Certificate Article And Other Interesting Topics


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Attorney Gigiano is a Massillon criminal law attorney in Wadsworth, Ohio who started practicing criminal law in 1993.  If you have questions about this or other questions you need answered by an experienced Wooster criminal law lawyer near Doylestown, Ohio, please call Attorney Daniel F. Gigiano at 330-336-3330.  Attorney Gigiano has tried over thirty-five jury trials to a verdict, many of them in Medina County, Summit County and Wayne County.  As a result of his hard work and dedication, the reviews of Daniel Gigiano in numerous websites are well-received, and his work is documented in several articles and links.