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What Jail Time Credit Will Be Applied?

One question that frequently arises at sentencing is what jail time credit will be applied?  Time spent in confinement can be credited against a sentence.  Confinement includes jail and community based correctional facility (CBCF).  Treatment can count if the defendant was confined there.  In order to get credit, the person had to be in custody for the case that is proceeding to sentencing.  In other words, the person cannot get credit for time served on another charge or other case.



Credit for jail time is supported by the Equal Protection Clause in the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, the Equal Protection Clause of Article 1, Section 2 of the Ohio Constitution, R.C. 2967.191, R.C. 2929.19, and R.C. 2945.38.  The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled on jail time credit in a number of decisions:  State v. Fugate, 117 Ohio St.3d 261; State ex rel. Rankin v. Mohr, 130 Ohio St.3d 400.


Most of the time, the court properly applies jail time served at sentencing.  There is often a pre-sentence investigation, which sets forth the number of days of jail-time credit due to the defendant facing sentencing.  If the defendant is still in custody, the defendant often has a wristband on which states the date that the person was taken into custody.  However, in those few instances where this is not done correctly, it is important to know the types of confinement that is entitled to credit, as well as the supporting statutes, constitutional provisions, and cases dealing with this important issue.


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