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What Is Extradition?

What is extradition? Extradition is a procedure where a person in one state is surrendered to another state in connection with separate criminal proceedings. Usually, that person has fled the state to avoid prosecution, sentencing or incarceration. A person who flees prosecution or sentencing is called a fugitive.


One the fugitive is arrested, he or she can either request a hearing to contest the extradition or can waive the right to this hearing. If the fugitive waives the right to a hearing, he or she will be available for return to the state that issued the warrant.

In Ohio, the governor regulates extradition. When a fugitive is arrested in another state, the Ohio governor may demand extradition by issuing a warrant for the fugitive’s arrest, which must contain a factual basis for the extradition. A fugitive in Ohio can be held up to 90 days while waiting for a governor’s warrant. Under R.C. 2963.14, an Ohio court may release a fugitive on bail while waiting for a governor’s warrant for extradition to be served. Once a governor’s warrant is served, the fugitive can apply for a writ of habeas corpus to challenge the legality of his or her arrest. Any hearing would focus only on the legality of the arrest and not on the merits of the pending charges.


If the fugitive is serving a sentence in one state and has pending charges in another state, the receiving state must hold a trial within 180 days or else dismiss the pending prosecution.

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