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Ohio Changes OVI Laws

Ohio’s laws for operating under the influence of alcohol (otherwise known as OVI or more commonly known as DUI or DWI) have changed over the last several years.  When Ohio changes OVI laws result in significant changes to people accused of DUI.  First, a test result of .17 or greater doubles the minimum incarceration period.  For example, a first time OVI conviction would normally carry a minimum sentence of three days in a driver intervention program or jail.  A high test result would double that minimum sentence to six days in jail or to both three days in jail and three days in the driver intervention program.

Ohio changed another OVI law when it created a new criminal offense for refusing to take the breathalizer test.  If a person arrested for OVI has been previously convicted of an OVI within twenty years and refuses to take the breathalyzer test, that person can be charged with a separate offense of refusal.  The minimum incarceration period for a refusal are twice as much as those for the OVI conviction.  As you can see, knowing how Ohio changes OVI laws can affect your freedom.

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