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Rights Of Students In Public Schools

Do juveniles have the same rights as adults? Generally yes, but such rights are balanced against protecting the juvenile from himself or herself as well as keeping schools safe.  This article focuses on the rights of students in public schools.

Searches And The Rights Of Students In Public Schools


Does school safety justify any type of search in any situation? Given the tragedies that have occurred in many schools, such measures may seem like a logical solution.  However, we have always had threats that could justify taking away our liberties.  Finding the right balance between preventing such threats and protecting our liberties is what makes our country great.

Cases Involving The Rights Of Students In Public Schools


While students rights are somewhat diminished once they walk through the schoolhouse doors, they do not give up all their rights. School personnel can search students if there is reasonable grounds to believe the student is violating the law or school rules.  A teacher was allowed to search a student’s purse for cigarettes after the student’s friend admitted they were smoking.  However, a strip search of a female student to look for prescription ibuprofen was held to be unreasonable.  Random drug testing for student athletes was held to be reasonable.  Random drug testing was later extended to students participating in non-athletic school activities.


Another issue is the dress code. While schools can impose a dress code, they cannot prohibit dress on the basis of speech and religion.  Schools can impose neutral dress codes.  When a school prohibited black arm bands protesting a war, it was held to be a violation of the students’ First Amendment Rights.

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