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Ohio Child Custody Evaluations

Some child custody battles in Ohio need a more in-depth look than what can be provided by just the testimony of the witnesses. Ohio child custody evaluations can provide that deeper look into the parents and children involved.  A child custody evaluation is ordered by the court and usually consists of psychological evaluations of the parents, observations of the parents with the children, interviews of the parents, and collateral information.

Ohio Custody Evaluations Provide More Information For The Court


Ohio child custody evaluations are different than guardian ad litem reports or family court services reports. A guardian ad litem reviews many sources to draft a report for the court.  Family court services usually rely on interviews with the parents and occasionally use collateral sources.  A custody evaluation combines many of these approaches with psychological evaluations of the parents.  The findings and recommendations are placed into a written report for the court. The psychologist who prepared the report may need to testify at a custody hearing.  Sometimes, the psychological evaluation component can provide unique insight into the credibility of the parties, giving the psychologist an edge in making a recommendation for the children.

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