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Parental Rights

I often get asked what parental rights parents have when they are married, unmarried or have a child support order in place.  These are the common questions and the answers to those questions.


What is a putative father?


A putative father is a man who may be a child’s biological father but who is not married to the child’s mother at the time the child is born or who has not established paternity of the child in a court or administrative hearing.


Does a putative father have parental rights?


The putative father has no legal relationship with the child until he petitions the court for an order establishing a father-child relationship and an order regarding parenting time.


What rights does an unmarried mother have?


Unmarried mothers are the sole legal custodian and residential parent of a child, unless this is changed by court order.  Read more about this in Ohio Revised Code 3109.042 (R.C. 3109.042).


What rights do married parents have?


Parents who were married at the time of the birth of a child are both residential parent and legal custodian of that child, unless this is later changed by an order of the court.  Read more about this in Ohio Revised Code 3109.03 (R.C. 3109.03).


What is shared parenting?


The parents discuss issues about their child and attempt to reach an agreement prior to proceeding further.


What is a sole legal custodian?


One parent may make all major decisions regarding the child, without consulting the other parent.


What types of decisions would a sole legal custodian or shared parents make?


There are numerous decisions that a parent must make in the best interests of his or her child.  Some of the major decisions include educational decisions, major medical decisions, extracurricular activity decisions, and religious upbringing.


What is a residential parent for school purposes?


The children will attend the public school district corresponding to that parent’s residence address, unless the children attend private school.


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