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Ohio Courts And The People Who Work There

Identifying courts and court personnel in Ohio courts requires the right resources. There are trial courts, courts of appeals, supreme courts, and the people who work at these courts.  This article is a guide for the some of the most common Ohio courts the people who work there.

Ohio Courts: Trial Courts


These courts are where evidentiary hearings, or trial are held. News reports of someone pleading not guilty or a jury trial are referring to activities in trial courts.  In Ohio state courts, trial courts include municipal courts and courts of common pleas.  In the courts of common pleas, there are several divisions: general division, domestic relations, juvenile, and probate.  The general division handles felony cases and civil cases, such as personal injury and foreclosure cases.  In federal courts, the district court handles criminal and civil cases, while the bankruptcy courts handle all matters falling under the bankruptcy code.


Ohio Courts: Courts of Appeal



If you disagree with the trial court’s decision, you can appeal it. Courts of Appeal review the actions, procedures and decisions of the trial court.  Ohio courts of appeal hear appeals from Ohio trial courts, usually after a final appealable order has been issued.  Federal courts of appeal hear appeals from federal district court.  Federal courts of appeal also hears appeals from bankruptcy court, usually after an intermediate bankruptcy appeals court hears the case.


Ohio Courts: Supreme Courts



The Ohio Supreme Court usually hears cases from the Ohio courts of appeal. In certain instances, it hears appeals directly from the trial court.  This court serves the same function as the courts of appeals.  However, this court, in its decisions, keeps an eye on policy issues important to the State of Ohio.  This court also drafts rules for the lower courts to follow.


The United States Supreme Court hears appeals from federal courts of appeals and state supreme courts, including the Ohio Supreme Court. The United States Constitution sets forth the limited times that this court will serve as the trial court.


Ohio Courts: Court Personnel



Some of the people who work in these courts include:


Justice: a term that refers to an appellate or supreme court judge.

Judge: presides over trials and makes decisions in trial courts.

Bailiff: the judge’s assistant; in many courts, serves people with court documents, such as subpoenas.

Clerk of Courts: keeps records of cases, accepts filings and payments on behalf of the court.

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