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Notice of Intent to Relocate

What is a notice of intent to relocate?  It is a provision that is most likely tucked away within an order allocating parental rights and responsibilities, including divorce decrees, dissolution decrees, and legal custody orders.  It is a provision that is often overlooked.  If a residential parent moves, that parent must notify the court when he or she moves.  If one parent does not know where the other parent lives, they may become anxious about where their children are during that other parent’s parenting time.  This could lead to one parent employing various methods to respond.  Such methods may include methods that may not be permissible, such as withholding visitation.  That parent may also decide to call the police or file a motion in court to have custody changed, all because that parent simply did not know where their children were at during the other parent’s parenting time.

The other parent can be put at ease by simple compliance with the law—file the notice of intent to relocate.  Do so in writing.  Courts often have forms on their websites that can be filled out, printed and are ready for you to sign and file with the court.  It is good practice to keep a file-stamped copy and to send the other parent a copy.  Doing this puts everyone on notice of the move and gives the parties an opportunity to file a motion to change custody or parenting time if the parent moved a substantial distance away, out of the school district, into inappropriate housing or any number of things that would constitute a change in circumstances.


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