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Norton Criminal Defense Attorney

What is a Norton criminal defense attorney? A Norton criminal defense lawyer provides defense for a variety of criminal cases, ranging from traffic offenses to misdemeanors and felonies.

What is the criminal justice system like for a person accused of a crime in Norton? There are numerous possibilities, but this article will describe the typical procedures.  For example, referrals to diversion or intervention in lieu of conviction are not discussed within the frameworks described below.

Norton Misdemeanor Cases


Misdemeanors can start in Norton Mayor’s Court, but are also heard in the Barberton Municipal Court, 576 W. Park Ave., Barberton, Ohio 44203. The first appearance is usually the arraignment, where the accused is informed of the charges and potential penalties for the charges.  After the arraignment, the matter is set for pre-trial.  If the matter is not resolved at pre-trial, then it may be set for trial.  Plea bargains typically resolve the entire case by an agreement to the charges and sentence.  However, sometimes the court will want to know more about the case and will order a pre-sentence investigation (PSI) prior to sentencing.

Norton Juvenile Cases


Juvenile cases are heard in the Summit County Juvenile Court, 650 Dan Street, Akron, Ohio 44310. The procedures are similar to the adult system described above, except that juvenile proceedings have unique terms for their hearings.

Norton Felony Cases


Felony cases follow a more complex procedure. For those who are not directly indicted by the grand jury, a bond hearing is held in Barberton Municipal Court, followed by the preliminary hearing on a later date.  If the matter is not resolved at the preliminary hearing and if probable cause is found by the court, the matter proceeds to felony court in the Summit County Court of Common Pleas, 209 S. High Street, Akron, Ohio 44308, where the arraignment is conducted.  If the case proceeds to direct indictment, the first hearing is the arraignment hearing.  The matter is set for formal pre-trial.  If the matter is not resolved at the formal pre-trial, the matter may be set for trial.  Sometimes, the court orders a pre-sentence investigation (PSI) prior to sentencing.

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