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What does a Doylestown Ohio bankruptcy attorney do for his clients? A Doylestown Ohio bankruptcy lawyer does not file the bankruptcy petition in Doylestown or any of the courts in Wayne County.  In fact, the bankruptcy petition is not filed in state court at all.  It is filed in federal bankruptcy court.  Because the overwhelming majority of Doylestown residents are in Wayne County, this article will focus on the path of a bankruptcy for a Wayne County resident.  For the few Doylestown residents who happen to be in Medina County, you may refer to any of my articles that show the path of a bankruptcy for a Medina County resident.  Now, turning back to the majority of Doylestown residents who live in Wayne County, Doylestown residents, like all Wayne County residents, would file their petition in the Northern District of Ohio Bankruptcy Court, Canton Division.  The Canton division handles cases for the following counties:  Wayne, Stark, Holmes, Tuscarawas, Ashland, Carroll, Richland and Crawford.

Doylestown Bankruptcy Cases Are Heard In Canton Bankruptcy Court


Chapter 7 bankruptcy hearings cases are conducted in the trustee hearing room in the Ralph Regula Federal Building and United States Courthouse, 401 McKinley Avenue S.W., Canton, Ohio 44702. The hearings for Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions are held in the same location as the Chapter 7 hearings.  Canton Chapter 13 hearings begin with a mandatory informational class for debtors, followed by the actual hearing with the Chapter 13 trustee.  The debtor’s attorney does not attend the class, but does attend the hearing.  Taking this class does not complete the mandatory financial management class requirement.

These hearings will not go forward unless your bankruptcy lawyer has ensured that the trustee has received all the required information and documentation in a timely fashion. The bankruptcy petitioner must bring photographic identification and a social security card to the hearing.  For Chapter 13 cases, the debtor will often bring some of the documents with him or her and hand them to the trustee prior to the class.  The attorney advises the client and ensures that the necessary filings are made so that the client can receive a discharge of their debts.

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, one receives a quick discharge of their personal debts in exchange for the liquidation of all non-exempt assets. Usually, the person filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy has few or no non-exempt assets.

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, one commits to repayment of a portion of his or her debts over three to five years in exchange for keeping their non-exempt assets and receiving a broader discharge of debt than is available under Chapter 7. Usually, the person filing Chapter 7 either has a higher income or a greater amount of non-exempt assets.

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