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Enforcing Ohio Divorce Decrees

An Ohio domestic relations court not only has the power to issue a divorce decree, but it also has the power to enforce it.  Enforcing Ohio divorce decrees is important because, without enforcement power, the decree would simply be a list of suggestions.  The divorce court enforces its orders through its contempt power.  Typically, the wronged party files a motion to show cause as to why a party should not be held in contempt of court.  The prosecuting attorney can file a motion for contempt for failure to pay child support.  The court then sets the matter for hearing for the offending party to appear before the court and explain why he or she should not be held in contempt.


If someone is held in civil contempt of court, he or she will be given a chance to correct the situation, commonly referred to as a purge period.  Failure to purge contempt in the time allotted can result in a jail term.  Repeated contempt motions can result in longer jail terms for failure to purge contempt.


Contempt power can be used to enforce any number of conditions in a divorce decree, including:  failure to pay child support; failure to pay spousal support; failure to allow parenting time; and failure to transfer property.


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