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Brunswick Divorce Attorney

When one or more spouses or parents reside in Brunswick, Ohio, that person may need the services of a Brunswick divorce attorney for divorce, dissolution, post-decree motions, paternity suit, child custody, child support, and civil protection orders.  A skilled attorney can ensure that the evidence supporting your position is heard by the court, while exposing the weaknesses of the opposing side’s case

Brunswick Divorce Attorney Practices In Medina Courts

A divorce case when both spouses are Brunswick residents must be filed in the Medina County Domestic Relations Court.  The court automatically issues restraining orders prohibiting the parties from withdrawing money from retirement accounts, selling marital assets, among other things.  If one of the parties request temporary orders, the court grants such orders, temporarily resolving issues of custody, parenting time, support and use of the marital residence and vehicles.  A dissolution is essentially a divorce that starts with an agreement between the parties.  However, it is filed as a dissolution, not a divorce.  For Brunswick residents, a dissolution may be filed in any county in Ohio, but it may be more convenient to file in Medina County.  A paternity suit is a custody proceeding between unmarried parents.  In Medina County, paternity suits are heard in the Medina County Domestic Relations Court.  In some other counties, paternity actions are filed in juvenile court.  An experienced Brunswick family law attorney in Medina County knows which court to file a case.

Other types of family law matters for Brunswick residents may have to be filed in Medina County Juvenile Court and Medina County Probate Court.  Such matters include legal custody motions filed by a grandparent or other person who is not the parent of the child, guardianships, and adoptions.

Brunswick Divorce Attorney Practices in Wayne and Summit County Courts

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