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What Is A Legal Custodian In Ohio?

What is a legal custodian in Ohio?  There are a number of sources that explain this term.  Essentially, this is the person with the rights and obligations to care for a child.  Ohio law provides further guidance:

Legal Custodian In Ohio Definitions  


The Ohio Administrative Code defines “custodian” as “a person having legal custody of a child or a PCSA, PCPA, or Title IV-E agency that has permanent, temporary, or legal custody of a child.”  The code also defines “legal custody” to mean “a legal status vesting in the custodian the right to have physical care and control of the child and to determine where and with whom the child shall live, and the right and duty to protect, train, and discipline the child and to provide the child with food, shelter, education, and medical care, all subject to any residual parental rights, privileges, and responsibilities.”  Finally, the code also says that an “individual granted legal custody shall exercise the rights and responsibilities personally unless otherwise authorized by any section of the Revised Code or by the court.”

Custodian is defined as “a person who has legal custody of a child or a public children services agency or private child placing agency that has permanent, temporary, or legal custody of a child.”  The definition of legal custody is similar.

The Case That Helped Define The Rights Of A Legal Custodian In Ohio 


A little too dry?  Take a look at how the Ninth District Court of Appeals handled such terms in favor of a grandmother who was the legal custodian of a child:  IN RE: A.P., C.A. NO. 12 CA 0022-M.  In this case, Attorney Gigiano fought a long, hard battle for his client who was the legal custodian of the child.  The court of appeals ultimately decided that legal custodians have distinct rights in children services cases.

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