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Wooster Criminal Defense Attorney

A Wooster criminal defense attorney represents individuals alleged to have committed a crime in Wooster.  A Wayne County criminal defense lawyer in Wooster provides defense for a variety of criminal cases, such as employee theft, vandalism, criminal damaging, drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct and traffic offenses.  An experienced Wayne County criminal defense attorney determines and pursues potential defenses, as well as errors in the police investigation that can lead to a dismissal of the charges.  Finding such defenses or errors can save the client from consequences such as prison, jail, house arrest, fines and suspension of their driver’s license.  Errors in police investigation can be exposed through a motion to suppress, which, if granted by the court, would prevent the State of Ohio from presenting evidence arising out of the police’s wrongful conduct.  If the evidence is crucial, this can result in dismissal of the charges.

Wooster Criminal Defense Attorney Fights For Clients In Wayne County Courts 


Alleged crimes arising out of incidents occurring in Wooster, Ohio, can be handled in a number of Wayne County Courts.  If the matter is a misdemeanor, it will be handled by the Wayne County Municipal Court.  If the matter is a felony, it will be handled by the Wayne County Court of Common Pleas.  If the crime is alleged to have been committed by a juvenile, the case will be handled by the Wayne County Juvenile Court.

Wooster Criminal Defense Attorney Criminal Law Terms



Bond hearing


Trial to the Court

Trial by Jury

For definitions of other legal terms, please refer to the Black’s Law Dictionary.

Wooster Criminal Defense Attorney Fights For Clients In Medina County and Stark County Courts 


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