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When one or more spouses or parents reside in Wadsworth, Ohio, that person may need the services of a Wadsworth divorce attorney, who provides representation for divorce, dissolution, post-decree motions, paternity complaint, child custody, child support, civil protection orders, and  motion to modify parental rights and responsibilities.

A divorce case for Wadsworth residents would start in the Medina Domestic Relations Court, 99 Public Square, Medina, Ohio 44256.  The matter starts with the filing of a complaint, accompanied by a number of affidavits, often including a request for temporary orders.  The Medina County Domestic Relations Court usually initially decides temporary orders based upon a fourteen day notice and response period, but may also set the matter for hearing.  A case management hearing is usually held on its own or at the same time as the temporary orders hearing.  The attorneys tell the court about the potential issues in the case at case management hearing.  The magistrate uses the information from the attorneys when issuing an order scheduling discovery deadlines, the pretrial and final hearing, as more complex issues may result in the final hearing being set further out.  While many cases reach a settlement at the pretrial or trial, some proceed to an evidentiary hearing at the final hearing.  The final hearings in Medina County Domestic Relations Court are usually set before the judge.

A dissolution is essentially a divorce that starts with an agreement between the parties.  However, it is filed as a dissolution, not a divorce.  A dissolution in Medina Domestic Relations Court starts with a petition for dissolution, accompanied by signed agreements and affidavits.  The court sets the dissolution hearing approximately sixty days from the filing of the petition.  This court’s procedures are designed to give the parties a certified copy of their dissolution decree immediately following the hearing.

A paternity action is a custody proceeding between unmarried parents.  Such matters in Medina County Domestic Relations Court begin with a paternity complaint.  The court sets the matter for a mediation session, followed by an initial hearing.  Temporary orders can be set at the initial hearing, as well as a case management schedule scheduling discovery deadlines, a pretrial and final hearing.  The final hearing is where the parties get their opportunity to present evidence to the court.

A Wadsworth divorce attorney also handles family law matters in Medina County Juvenile Court and Medina County Probate Court, both located at 93 Public Square, Medina, Ohio 44256.  These courts handle some of the other types of matters involving children, including child custody cases filed by someone other than the parent of the child, guardianships, adoptions, and children services cases.

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