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A DUI alleged to have been committed in Seville, Ohio, will be heard in:Misdemeanor DUIs in Wadsworth Municipal Court,120 Maple Street, Wadsworth, Ohio 44281;Felony DUIs in Medina County Court of Common Pleas,93 Public Square, Medina, Ohio 44256; orJuvenile DUIs in Medina County Juvenile Court,93 Public Square, Medina, Ohio 44256.Such offenses will require the services of a Seville DUI attorney, who can spot, investigate and pursue potential defenses.

OVI is the official name for a DUI and typically consists of wither the BAC charge and/or the OVI charge.  While OVI cases involve someone driving a motor vehicle, physical control cases involve someone who is merely in the driver’s seat of a vehicle with possession of the keys.  Baby DUIs, or operating a vehicle after underage consumption (OVUAC) makes it illegal for persons under 21 years of age to drive a vehicle with a concentration of .02 percent, but less than .08 percent by weight of alcohol by whole blood or breath, or with an equivalent amount by blood serum or plasma or urine.

The following are important links for those charged with DUI in Seville:

Ohio OVI law:

Ohio Physical control law:

Classes of suspensions:

Medina County Court of Common Pleas:

Medina County Juvenile Court:

Wadsworth Municipal Court:

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Attorney Gigiano is an experienced Seville DUI attorney in Medina County who practices in the Wadsworth Municipal Court, Medina County Court of Common Pleas, and Medina County Juvenile Court, as well as the Medina Municipal Court, Summit County courts, Wayne County courts and other nearby county courts. If you have questions about this or other questions you need answered by an experienced Seville DUI lawyer in Wadsworth, please call Attorney Daniel F. Gigiano at 330-336-3330.  Attorney Gigiano’s office is located at 102 Main St., Ste. 200, Wadsworth, Ohio 44281.