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Filler Weight Is Included In Drug Cases

Filler weight is included in drug cases. Believe it or not, it is illegal to possess and sell fake drugs in Ohio.  Fake drugs are officially referred to as counterfeit controlled substances.  While a controlled substance is usually part of a class of illegal or strictly regulated substances, a counterfeit controlled substance is a non-controlled substances that a reasonable person would believe to be a controlled substance because of its similarity in shape, size, color, markings, labeling, packaging, distribution, or price.


Possession of counterfeit controlled substances is a misdemeanor that carries up to a six month jail sentence. Trafficking a counterfeit controlled substance is a felony that carries up to a year in prison. Both carry a mandatory driver’s license suspension.


In 2008, the Ohio legislature added a wrinkle to the counterfeit drug trafficking laws when it amended the drug trafficking statute by stating a “drug” includes any substance that is represented to be a drug.  The Ninth district court of appeals that governs Medina County, Summit County, Wayne County and Lorain County said that drugs could include the weight of filler, such as baking soda.  This generally allows the filler to be used for bigger drug offenses based upon greater weights.  This could mean someone can be sentenced to many years in prison for selling baking soda if they held it out to be cocaine.  The Ohio Supreme Court is currently reviewing this issue.


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