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Drug Trafficking

Drug Trafficking is a serious crime that can result in incarceration and other serious consequences.


Drug trafficking is knowingly selling or offering to sell a controlled substance. Drug trafficking is also committed by shipping, transporting, delivering, or preparing a controlled substance for shipment, transportation or delivery when the person has reason to believe the recipient intends to sell the controlled substance. One does not have to receive money for the drugs to be convicted of drug trafficking; a sale can be by barter, transfer or gift. This means sharing drugs with friends is trafficking. A controlled substance is a drug, compound, mixture or substance included in schedule I, II, III, IV or V of the Ohio Revised Code and the United States Attorney General’s Office. The schedules include many prescription drugs.


The consequences vary according to the type and amount of controlled substance involved. Incarceration can range from as little as six months in prison to as long as ten years in prison. Fines, court costs electronic monitoring (house arrest) fees, and probation fees can also be imposed. The proceeds from the drug trafficking can be forfeited. The property used in committing the drug trafficking offense can be forfeited. A conviction for drug trafficking carries a mandatory driver’s license suspension for a minimum of six months and a maximum of five years. The court must also send a certified copy of the conviction to any licensing board or agency that has the authority to suspend or revoke the person’s professional license. Nurses and doctors who run afoul of this law by abusing their access to prescription pads not only risk their freedom, but also their livelihood. Many of these consequences can be avoided if the offense is not greater than a fourth degree felony and the person is admitted into an intervention in lieu of conviction program.


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