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Driver’s License Is Not Needed For Non-Motor Vehicles

A driver’s license is not needed for non-motor vehicles in Ohio. A motorized bicycle is not a motor vehicle. Trailers towed at twenty-five miles per hour or less is not included in the definition of motor vehicles. A motorized bicycle is “any vehicle that either has two tandem wheels or one wheel in the front and two wheels in the rear, that is capable of being pedaled, and that is equipped with a helper motor of not more than fifty cubic centimeters piston displacement that produces no more than one brake horsepower and is capable of propelling the vehicle at a speed of no greater than twenty miles per hour on a level surface. A motorized bicycle does not become a motor vehicle unless it is pulling a trailer.


A motorized bicycle can be operated upon a highway as long as all of the following are met: the person is sixteen years of age or older and has a valid driver’s license, motorized bicycle license, or probationary motorized bicycle license; the motorized bicycle and the operator of the same are properly equipped; and the operator keeps it within three feet of the right edge of the roadway when practical, and obeys all traffic rules applicable to vehicles.


Ohio’s financial responsibility laws only apply to motor vehicles. This means motorized bicycles do not have to have insurance. One should always check local ordinances for potential differences from the Ohio Revised Code, as the local ordinances may not be as permissive.


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