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What Is A Clinton DUI Attorney?

What is a Clinton DUI attorney?

A Clinton DUI attorney represents individuals charged with OVI, having physical control of vehicle while under the influence, and baby DUI cases.  A motion to suppress can be used to invalidate the traffic stop, field sobriety tests, arrest, breathalyzer test, blood test or urine test.  The Clinton OVI lawyer can negotiate the dismissal of charges that require additional mandatory jail time. What court does a Clinton DUI go to? Misdemeanor DUIs in Clinton are heard in Barberton Municipal Court.  Felony DUIs in Clinton are heard in the Court of Common Pleas for Summit County.  Juveniles accused of DUI in Clinton will have their cases heard in the Summit County Juvenile Court. (more…)

Ohio Changes OVI Laws

Ohio’s laws for operating under the influence of alcohol have changed over the last several years. Learn more about Wadsworth DUI and surrounding areas.