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Ohio Child Support Law Changes

On March 28, 2019, Ohio updated its child support guidelines.  These Ohio child support law changes address the problems that have arisen from parties who have multiple child support orders, low income parties, and  high income parties. 

Ohio Child Support Law Changes

The changes include:

  • New economic tables that change child support amounts based upon the parents’ incomes.
  • Increases the parents’ combined $150,00 income cap to $300,000, providing clear guidance for higher income parents.
  • Creates an automatic 10% reduction in child support for payors who have 90 or more overnights per year and the payor is actually exercising the parenting time.
  • In cases with equal parenting time, the court is required to explain why it is not granting a downward deviation from the child support guideline amount.
  • Limits the amount of child support expenses allowed by the child support order.
  • Limits imputing income to a disabled party.
  • Creates a standard income deduction for each child of the payor, replacing the old system of giving credit for child support orders.
  • Limits the amount of child support low income individuals pay for multiple children.
  • Raises the minimum child support order from $50 per month to $80 per month.

New Laws Bring Uncertainty

What does this new law really do?  So far, exactly what this article has said it does.  However, when this law becomes a more familiar part of family law practice and courts begin interpreting the finer points of the law, we will get a better idea of what the law really means.  Until then, it is important to have a solid understanding of the law in order to make the most effective arguments to the courts.  This includes understanding the old law and how the new law changes it.

Attorney Daniel Gigiano

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