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Attorney Gigiano, a Medina OVI lawyer, has the experience and expertise you need for your OVI case, starting his career as a DUI prosecutor in 1993 and defending OVI cases since 1999.  Through hard work, dedication to the client’s interests, and a thorough knowledge of the issues, Attorney Gigiano has gotten a number of OVI cases dismissed, felony OVI cases reduced to misdemeanors, and multiple offender cases sentencing offers reduced.  In today’s political climate, fewer and fewer prosecutors are agreeing to reduce OVIs to reckless operation.  As a result, you need a seasoned professional to attack the issues in the case, working to get the case dismissed or demonstrating to the prosecutor and the court that the State’s case is so weak, it is worth reducing the charges or the potential penalties.  You also need an attorney willing to take the case to trial.  Attorney Daniel Gigiano is that attorney.

OVI Explained By Medina OVI Lawyer

  OVI stands for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  In the 1980s, this term replaced the old DUI term (actually, OMVI replaced it, later to be replaced by OVI).  OVI is defined in Ohio Revised Code 4511.19.  Penalties start at a minimum of three days in jail and 180 days of driver’s license suspension and increases for repeat offenses, high test results and refusals.  Within this sentencing scheme is where an experienced OVI lawyer can work to reduce the amount of jail time one is to serve.

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