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Medina Criminal Law Lawyer

Attorney Gigiano, a Medina criminal law lawyer, has been practicing criminal law since 1993.  He has tried numerous criminal cases to juries, winning acquittals for numerous cases including felony cases, crimes of violence, and drug cases.  He has gotten cases dismissed without going to trial by showing the court that the police violated his client’s rights.  In today’s political climate, many prosecutors refuse to budge on certain crimes, citing orders from the top not to reduce any charges on such cases.  Facing this boxed-in approach, you need an attorney with the experience and expertise to attack the issues in your case.  Do you want an attorney who gets scared when the prosecutor says “no deal” or do you want an attorney who relishes the opportunity to seek an all-out victory?  You need someone who has tried over 40 criminal jury trials in his career. You need the services of a seasoned professional who has earned the respect of the local prosecutors.  You need the legal services of an experienced Medina criminal law lawyer.  You need Attorney Daniel F. Gigiano.

Track Record Of Medina Criminal Law Lawyer Speaks For Itself

How has Attorney Gigiano helped people?  Take a look at some of his recent cases.  He won an assault trial in the Medina Municipal Court for a single mom  who was viciously attacked and violated while she spent a rare night out; at first glance, it would appear she attacked someone; however, thorough investigation and uncovering lost video footage, Attorney Gigiano showed the jury how this mom was attacked and falsely accused.  He won a sexual imposition trial in the Wadsworth Municipal Court for a man who was accused of touching a woman’s breast.  Attorney Gigiano surveyed numerous women for their opinions to determine the chances of winning.  After hearing that the women would find this man not guilty of sexual imposition, and only a few would find him guilty of any crime, such as assault, Attorney Gigiano took this case to trial and won. This saved the client his job and the burden of having to register as a sex offender. Attorney Gigiano won a vehicle theft case in the Medina County Court of Common Pleas where the owner lied and said the vehicle was stolen. The client borrowed the car, got drunk, and got into an accident. Attorney Gigiano showed that the owner lied because he was afraid of getting a negligent entrustment charge. This defenses do not just jump out of the police report. Most of the time, the police reports tell a story that makes it look impossible to defend the case. Hard work by the Medina criminal law lawyer uncovers the real story, including those of lies and misunderstandings.

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Attorney Gigiano is an experienced Medina criminal law lawyer who helps people in the courts in Medina County, Summit County, Wayne County, Stark County and other nearby counties. Call now at 330-336-3330 to learn how Attorney Daniel F.Gigiano can help you.