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Laser Radar Detector Is Admissible In Ohio

On June 10, 2020, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that laser speed-detector results are admissible without expert testimony. Normally, an expert must testify that the science behind a technology is reliable for that technology to be admissible. The Court said in its decision that, because laser speed-detector work on the same scientific principles as radar speed detectors, they are admissible without expert testimony.

Laser Radar Detector Is Still Subject To Other Challenges

Although expert testimony is not needed to admit the results of speed detected by laser, other challenges can be made. Motorists can still challege the angle at which the officer held the device, the device’s accuracy-validation logorithms, device calibration and maintenance, and the qualifications of the officer using the device.

Challenges Can Be Made By An Experienced Medina County Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Daniel Gigiano is an experienced Medina County Criminal Defense Attorney who helps his clients challenge assertions made by police in court. He has been practicing law since 1993 and his firm is located in beautiful downtown Wadsworth, Ohio.