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What is a Hinckley criminal defense attorney? A Hinckley criminal defense lawyer provides defense for a variety of criminal cases, including traffic, misdemeanors, and felonies.

Misdemeanors are heard in the Medina Municipal Court, 135 North Elmwood Ave., Medina, Ohio 44256. Felonies may start out in the Medina Municipal Court, but the bulk of the case will be heard in the Medina County Court of Common Pleas, 93 Public Square, Medina, Ohio 44256.  Juvenile cases are heard in juvenile court in the same location as the common pleas court.

Some common terms that a Hinckley criminal defense attorney use include:


Arraignment: where the accused is informed of the charges and potential penalties for the charges.

Bond hearing: where the judge sets the amount of money that must be posted for the accused to be released from jail.

Pre-trial: a meeting between the criminal defense lawyer and the assistant prosecutor to plea bargain the case, or discuss issues for trial.  The judge may participate in this process.

Trial to the Court: a trial where the judge determines the verdict and the sentence.

Trial by Jury: a trial where a jury determines the verdict, but the judge determines the sentence.

Pre-sentence investigation (PSI): an investigation conducted by the probation department to determine the facts of the case, and the social and criminal history of the defendant.

Sentencing: a court hearing where the judge determines what punishment to hand out to the accused.

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