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If you got an OVI ticket in Barberton, you need an aggressive attorney on your side. You need a Barberton OVI lawyer. Attorney Gigiano has worked hard for his clients, winning his first criminal defense trial, and continuing his success in getting a number of DUI offenses dismissed, felony OVI reduced to misdemeanors, and avoiding jail time for clients in serious traffic matters, including homicide traffic. Hard work is necessary to achieve such results, as it is important to expose the weaknesses in the State’s case in order to get the best possible deal. The prosecutor, faced with a potential loss, will often offer a deal worth considering, giving the client a choice between a plea bargain reduction or going for the win at trial. Taking your chances by simply pleading guilty and throwing yourself on the mercy of the court is taking chances with your freedom, and consequently, your job and your family.

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OVI stands for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. DUI was replaced with the passage of the OMVI law (operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs), and later by OVI. Ohio OVIs carry serious consequences, beginning with a minimum of three days in jail and, for repeat offenders, carrying the potential sentence of years in prison. Many people may think that they can handle the three days and just plea to the first one. They feel the money it will cost to get this DUI thrown out may not outweigh three days in jail. Some of them are in for a shock when they find out the minimum was really six days. Many people feel they do not have to worry about the repeat offender law because they will never get another DUI again. Then, a year later, their designated driver leaves with someone else at that bar, leaving them to drive home after drinking? Now, the penalties increase, all because they got the first one “over with,” instead of fighting the injustice that they were handed. Then, two years later, a significant other/spouse gets mad and calls a friend to take him/her home, leaving them to drive home while intoxicated? Just another short year later, the person tries to be more careful, only to find out those drinks were stronger than they thought. Now, instead of just a lengthy local jail sentence, they become a convicted felon and get shipped off to a far away prison, losing their jobs and any chance of ever finding a job as good as the one they had. All this can happen because that first DUI seemed so easy to get past. All because it seemed like this could never happen again.

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