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What Is A Municipal Court In Ohio?

Ohio has over 100 municipal courts, including some of our local courts:  Wadsworth Municipal Court, Medina Municipal Court, Wayne County Municipal Court, Barberton Municipal Court, Akron Municipal Court, and Stow Municipal Court.  So, what is a municipal court in Ohio?   (more…)

Summit County DUI Attorney

One accused of a DUI in Summit County needs a Summit County DUI attorney who has the experience to provide defense for various types of DUI and related issues.  DUI is officially known as Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence (OVI) as defined in Ohio Revised Code 4511.19.   Summit County has three municipal courts, a juvenile court, common pleas court and several mayor’s courts, any of which will handle all or some portion of a DUI alleged to have been committed in Summit County.  All must follow Ohio law, including holding the State of Ohio to their burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. (more…)