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Wooster Family Law Lawyer

For over 15 years, I have worked hard for my clients in divorce, dissolution, child custody, post-decree motions, paternity actions, child support, spousal support, civil protection orders and other family law matters. I work hard as your Wooster family law lawyer. I never forget that I am working hard for deeply personal things, such as my client’s children, home, personal belongings and retirement accounts.

These are things that have and will continue to affect my client’s identity and quality of life. I understand how the court considers various factors, such as the parties’ contribution to income during the marriage, in calculating child and spousal support. I work hard on your case beginning with the first time you walk into my office. I ask a lot of questions, getting a well-rounded look at your relationship with your children, your assets and your liabilities. By doing so, I can identify the issues faster and get right to work on them. I have worked hard to ensure my clients keep their share of the property, especially property they owned before they got married or received as a gift or inheritance. I have also worked hard to ensure my clients’ relationship with their children are properly preserved by getting them the time they deserve with their children. Two situations illustrate the results of my hard work. One was a divorce case I handled for a client whose husband took almost everything from her and spent it on another woman. My aggressive advocacy convinced the court that my client deserved special consideration in such a case. The court, in its ruling, warned the husband to never lie in the magistrate’s courtroom again. This set the tone to getting my client the justice she deserved. Another case was a children services case. My client made some mistakes during the case, leading to children services taking permanent custody of the child. I appealed the ruling and convinced the court of appeals that a different legal standard should have been applied by the trial court. While that sounds quite academic, the results were anything but that. A different legal standard meant that the permanent custody finding was reversed and the child eventually was placed back into the custody of my client. I work this hard for all of my clients to ensure that my clients receive the results they deserve in the courts.

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