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Wooster Criminal Law Lawyer

If you are charged with a crime in Wooster or Wayne County, Ohio, you need an, you need an aggressive and experienced attorney on your side. You need a Wooster criminal law lawyer. Attorney Daniel F. Gigiano has been practicing criminal law since 1993, trying over thirty misdemeanor and felony jury trials as a prosecutor. He began defending people accused of crimes in 1999, and, in 2000, tried his first criminal defense jury trial, winning a not guilty verdict. He continued his pattern of success for his clients, getting felonies and misdemeanors dismissed or reduced over the years. This hard work has paid off—when Attorney Gigiano walks into the prosecutor’s office, he is treated as a worthy adversary capable of winning cases. Not every case can win, but, by showing prosecutors that he find facts not listed in the police report and win with those facts, he puts all of his clients in a better position to get a more favorable plea bargain.

Results Of This Wooster Criminal Law Lawyer Speak Volumes

What type of results has Attorney Gigiano, the Wooster criminal law lawyer, obtained for his clients? He recently won an assault case for single mom who was attacked during a rare night out. Facing the possibility of losing her job and a children services referral if she received a lengthy jail term, Attorney Gigiano uncovered the truth: she did not assault the person, but was attacked, and the “victim’s” boss deleted the security footage. Through relentless work, Attorney Gigiano obtained the deleted footage and showed the jury that she was not guilty. The jury agreed. Attorney Gigiano also recently saved a client from the burden of having to register as a sex offender, obtaining a not-guilty verdict in a sexual imposition trial. Attorney Gigiano also took several felony cases to trial, winning not-guilty verdicts. On one occasion, Attorney Gigiano did not even have to try the case—he dared the prosecutor to try a case that Attorney Gigiano said the state could not win, winning the battle of who blinks first. When Attorney Gigiano announced ready for trial on the day of trial, the prosecutor dismissed an indictment of over 100 counts, carrying several lifetimes of potential prison time. What if you really are guilty? Attorney Gigiano recently showed a prosecutor that they could not win on a weapons charge and resisting arrest charge, getting a reduction of charges that contributed to the client having to spend not even a single day in jail on the remaining charges. This saved the client’s job. When you hire an attorney, ask yourself: do you want the cheapest attorney who will plea the case out at the first chance, or do you want someone who really will look for defenses and pursue them? Do you want an aggressive Wooster criminal law lawyer such as Attorney Gigiano on your side?

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