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Wooster Bankruptcy Law Lawyer

As a Wooster bankruptcy law lawyer, I have helped hundreds of people obtain a fresh start in bankruptcy since 2000. I give potential clients a complete look at their financial picture in the initial appointment in my office. At the end of the appointment, I let the person know if he or she is a good candidate for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, if he or she should not file bankruptcy, if certain non-bankruptcy alternatives are available, or if I should just fight the lawsuit he or she is facing. I do not just look at a person’s income and assets, but try to look at the whole picture. It is this whole picture that gives a person a true look at what bankruptcy would look like. Armed with this valuable information, I have helped local couples get out from the crushing debt of a failing business. I have helped local couples find relief after a job loss or medical problem has devastated their lives and finances. I have also helped young people devastated by the crushing blow of today’s cost of education, by helping them discover federal programs to manage their student loans while filing bankruptcy on the remainder of the debt the student incurred trying to make it through school. I stopped the annoying phone calls from collection agencies and creditors. I have stopped foreclosure and garnishment procedures dead in their tracks.

Wooster Bankruptcy Law Lawyer Handles Both Chapter 7 And Chapter 13 Bankruptcies

I limit my bankruptcy practice to Chapter 7 and 13 cases in Akron and Canton bankruptcy courts. The Canton bankruptcy court includes the counties of Wayne, Stark, Holmes and Ashland. The Akron bankruptcy court consists of Medina, Summit and Portage counties. I know the local procedures in each of those two courts, as well as the usual practices of the trustees and judges that administer and rule on bankruptcy matters. This knowledge is essential to guiding clients to successful results from filing bankruptcy.

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