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Testimonials And Reviews of Daniel Gigiano

Testimonials and reviews come from hard work and know-how.  In looking at testimonials, one should look for signs that the attorney will fight for you and will take the time to do some of the little things that may need done in the case.

Daniel Gigiano is an attorney who cares about getting justice for his clients, as well as looking out for their well-being. This culture of going the extra mile had its roots back in the days when he was an assistant prosecutor.  While working in the juvenile division, word got around that Attorney Gigiano not only ran a tight ship and was a bulldog in the courtroom, but he also took the extra time with the people involved in the cases, as well as opposing counsel.  Word traveled quickly, as the people involved and his peers spoke highly of his work.  Attorney Gigiano was promoted to supervisor where he managed a large caseload.  He continued to receive compliments for his willingness to give his time to people and ensure justice.

Attorney Gigiano continued this trend as the sole member of Daniel F. Gigiano Co., L.P.A.  Often times, he will notice that his client just needs someone to talk to or is going through a rough time.  In such times, he will often tell the client, I am going to take you off the clock, which means there is no charge for the time they will spend talking after that.  These conversations include talking about: how hard it is to watch your spouse have an affair after so many years of marriage; the possibility of going to jail or prison, especially when the client has young children at home; the loss of a loved one; or how devastating it is to lose one’s job and wind up deeply in debt.  Sometimes, Attorney Gigiano may suggest a book that may deal with that person’s problem or situation, a movie that may show them that there were others who faced similar or the same problems before, or suggest seeking out a therapist to help them through this tough time.  Sometimes, he just listens.

What good is this if you just want someone to fight as hard as he can for you?  Attorney Gigiano is already doing just that.  However, that moment may help give that client the resolve and strength to push on in a tough situation.  That moment may be one of the turning points to helping a client get his or her children back.  That moment may help a client realize that he or she does not want to get divorced.  By the way, Attorney Gigiano does not pressure his clients into forging on with a divorce when the client with a potentially healthy marriage starts wondering if he or she should continue with the divorce proceedings.  There have been many times that Attorney Gigiano suggested that the client may want to try marital counseling with his or her spouse.  What does all of this mean?  Attorney Gigiano has a proud record of clients who have gotten their children back from children services or have reconciled with their spouses.  Attorney Gigiano also has a proud record of creating solutions in divorce situations that give the children of the marriage the best chance at benefiting from their divorced parents.

Attorney Gigiano also has a proud record of taking off the gloves and winning cases.  Sometimes, the other side does not want to talk.  Sometimes, you just need to take the case to hearing, trial, or on appeal to show the other side a thing or two.  Just take a look at In Re A.P. as an example of Attorney Gigiano’s refusal to lose, give up or stop just because things do not look so good.  Take a look at State v. Sims, as another example of Attorney Gigiano’s willingness to do what it takes to achieve justice for his client.  These are just a few of the real results that are listed in the Case Highlights section.

Just look at the reviews in Yelp, Yahoo,, Avvo’s attorney reviews, and Avvo’s client reviews.  There are even more reviews on his Facebook Page, Google Plus, YP (Yellowpages), and SuperpagesYou can find Daniel Gigiano’s reviews and Daniel Gigiano’s ratings within these links.


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