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Medina County Felony Trial Attorney

A Medina County Felony Trial Attorney is an aggressive advocate who fights for the rights of people who are accused of major crimes.  This type of attorney has taken several cases to trial and has multiple victories as a result.  These victories are not just pretrial victories, but involve putting it all on the line, picking a jury and being willing to allow that jury to decide the fate of the accused.  This type of attorney is the only type of attorney that can achieve a real victory in some cases.  Sometimes, the prosecutor does not offer a deal, but simply states that the accused can plead to the indictment and take their chances in front of the judge while the prosecutor asks for a lengthy sentence.  However, an experienced criminal trial attorney can muster the respect needed to get some kind of deal, even in the toughest situations. Only the experienced felony trial attorney can potentially get some of the charges eliminated by the very real threat of taking the matter to trial, not to win, but to simply eliminate the offenses that the prosecutor cannot prove.  Only the experienced felony trial attorney can convince the prosecutor that the State of Ohio could potentially lose so much credibility in losing on some counts, that the remainder of the counts could be in jeopardy at trial.  Finally, the felony trial attorney can simply take the case to trial.

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It is not necessary that this felony criminal trial attorney have experience taking a particular offense to trial.  While an experienced felony criminal trial attorney has likely handled the same or similar charges, not all of them will have gone to trial.  Aggressive advocacy does not mean foolishness, but simply means identifying particular cases that have facts that can be used to gain a verdict of not guilty. This means that the experienced felony attorney will have tried a number of felony and misdemeanor cases to a verdict.

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Attorney Gigiano is an experienced Medina County felony criminal trial attorney in Wadsworth.  He has tried numerous felony cases to a verdict in several counties, resulting in multiple victories.  He has also tried numerous misdemeanor cases to a verdict in several counties, resulting in multiple victories.  He has used this experience to stare down the assistant prosecutor, resulting in dismissal of some or all of the charges in the indictment.  For more information on some of these experiences, please review the Case Highlights section.  If you have questions about this or other questions you need answered by an experienced Summit County felony trial lawyer in Wadsworth, Akron felony trial lawyer in Medina County, Orrville criminal trial attorney in Wadsworth, or a Wooster felony attorney in Wadsworth, please call Attorney Daniel F. Gigiano at 330-336-3330.  Attorney Gigiano‚Äôs office is located at 102 Main St., Ste. 200, Wadsworth, Ohio 44281.