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Massillon Criminal Law Lawyer

I am an experienced and aggressive Massillon criminal law lawyer. For crimes charged in Massillon or Stark County, there is no substitute for hard work and knowledge. I have tried over 35 criminal jury trials and thousands of criminal hearings since I started practicing criminal law in 1993. I won the very first criminal defense case he took to a jury and never looked back, getting felonies and misdemeanors dismissed or reduced over the years. This hard work has paid off—when I walk into the prosecutor’s office, I am treated as a worthy adversary capable of winning cases. This includes Massillon Municipal Court as the client’s Massillon criminal law lawyer. Not every case can win, but, by showing prosecutors that I find facts not listed in the police report and win with those facts, I puts all of his clients in a better position to get a more favorable plea bargain.

A Massillon Criminal Law Lawyer Can Help You Keep Your Job

Let’s look at some real examples of these results. These involve people with jobs, children, reputations in the community and other important parts of their lives hanging on the results of these cases. A guilty verdict and lengthy jail term could mean losing one’s job and children services taking custody of the children during the jail term. A recent not guilty verdict from a jury in an assault case is one example. While my client was the real victim, the video footage appeared to show otherwise. Through hard work and investigation, I discovered that a video file containing valuable information had been deleted. Using an expert, the file was recovered and, along with other important evidence, I revealed to the jury how my client did not commit a crime that evening. Other recent cases had a lot at stake, too. I won a sexual imposition trial and felony automobile theft case. Both cases certainly did not look good for my clients after an initial reading of the police reports. It was the evidence that the police did not get that resulted in not guilty verdicts. This takes hard work—the kind of work that I believe in and do for my clients. I hate to lose and love to win. If you need a Massillon criminal law lawyer who is willing to fight hard for your rights, call me to learn what I can do for you.

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