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Barberton Family Law Lawyer

For over 15 years, I have worked hard for my clients in divorce, child custody, paternity actions, child and spousal support, civil protection orders and other family law matters. As your Barberton family law lawyer, I always remember that I am working hard for things that are near and dear to my clients, such as my client’s children, home, personal belongings and retirement accounts. These things have and will continue to affect my client’s identity and quality of life. I start by learning as much as I can about you the first time you walk into my office, including your relationship with your children, your assets and your liabilities. By doing so, I can find out about your situation quickly and start working on them right away. I work hard for my clients to keep their share of the property, including their separate property. Separate property includes pre-marital property and property obtained by gift or inheritance. I also work hard to ensure my clients’ relationship with their children continue by getting them the time they deserve with their children.

Real results from this Barberton Family Law lawyer

While I work hard to get results for all of my clients, there are two cases that really show what can happen when you have a tireless advocate on your side. The first was a divorce case I handled for a lady whose husband took almost everything from her and spent it on another woman. I worked hard and aggressively argued on behalf of my client, convincing the court that my client deserved special consideration in such a case. This resulted in the court being convinced of the injustice my client experienced from her spouse, as well as disgust from the court with the husband’s efforts to get away with it in the court. The court, in its ruling, warned the husband to never lie in the magistrate’s courtroom again. Remember, without a carefully constructed argument backed up with evidence, the court would never realize the husband was trying to mislead the court. This set the tone to getting my client the justice she deserved. The second case was a children services case. Due to some actions taken by my client during the case, children services was granted permanent custody of the child. At the permanent custody hearing, I argued that a different legal standard should be applied, which would result in the child being returned to my client. I appealed the ruling and convinced the court of appeals that a different legal standard should have been applied by the trial court. This led to the permanent custody being reversed and custody of the child being returned to my client.

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