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Wayne County Criminal Defense Attorney

A Wayne County Criminal Defense attorney represents individuals charged with a crime alleged to have been committed in Wayne County, Ohio.  A Wayne County criminal defense lawyer represents individuals for a variety of criminal cases, such as aggravated vehicular homicide, negligent homicide, drug abuse, disorderly conduct, and traffic offenses.  An experienced Wooster criminal defense attorney in Wayne County investigates defenses that can lead to acquittals and dismissal of charges. (more…)

Wooster Criminal Defense Attorney

A Wooster criminal defense attorney represents individuals alleged to have committed a crime in Wooster.  A Wayne County criminal defense lawyer in Wooster provides defense for a variety of criminal cases, such as employee theft, vandalism, criminal damaging, drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct and traffic offenses.  An experienced Wayne County criminal defense attorney determines and pursues potential defenses, as well as errors in the police investigation that can lead to a dismissal of the charges.  Finding such defenses or errors can save the client from consequences such as prison, jail, house arrest, fines and suspension of their driver’s license.  Errors in police investigation can be exposed through a motion to suppress, which, if granted by the court, would prevent the State of Ohio from presenting evidence arising out of the police’s wrongful conduct.  If the evidence is crucial, this can result in dismissal of the charges. (more…)

Certificate Of Qualification For Employment

What is a Certificate of Qualification for Employment (CQE)?  A CQE is an order from the common pleas court in the county in which you reside that allows to apply for employment or a professional license even if your conviction may have disqualified you in the past.  Many employers exclude convicted felons as potential job candidates.  This makes it even more difficult for a convicted felon to re-integrate himself or herself into society.  A CQE can provide the employer the assurance needed to give someone a chance.

Can a Juvenile Court Give an Adult Sentence?

Can a juvenile court give an adult sentence?  It sure can.  However, this option is only available for a Serious Youthful Offender (SYO), which blends juvenile and adult sentences.  Bindovers to adult court are not included in this article, as those cases involve a hearing to determine if a juvenile should be tried as an adult, and, if so, the juvenile’s case is transferred to adult court.  SYO exists in the world between the typical juvenile proceedings and adult court. (more…)

Ohio Changes OVI Laws

Ohio’s laws for operating under the influence of alcohol have changed over the last several years. Learn more about Wadsworth DUI and surrounding areas.