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Can You Force Your Spouse into a Divorce?

I am often asked: can you force your spouse into a divorce?  Many parties get divorced by agreement, otherwise known as a dissolution.  While getting divorced by agreement can be less expensive, save time, and be less emotionally draining, sometimes the parties cannot reach an agreement or one spouse refuses to get divorced.  While most divorcing couples would simply agree that they are incompatible, otherwise known as stipulating to incompatibility, Ohio provides for a number of grounds for divorce. (more…)

Wadsworth Divorce Attorney

When one or more spouses or parents reside in Wadsworth, Ohio, that person may need the services of a Wadsworth divorce attorney, who provides representation for divorce, dissolution, post-decree motions, paternity complaint, child custody, child support, civil protection orders, and  motion to modify parental rights and responsibilities. A divorce case for Wadsworth residents would start in the Medina Domestic Relations Court, 99 Public Square, Medina, Ohio 44256.  The matter starts with the filing of a complaint, accompanied by a number of affidavits, often including a request for temporary orders.  The Medina County Domestic Relations Court usually initially decides temporary orders based upon a fourteen day notice and response period, but may also set the matter for hearing.  A case management hearing is usually held on its own or at the same time as the temporary orders hearing.  (more…)