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Medicaid Planning In Ohio Can Include Annuities

Medicaid planning in Ohio can include annuities.  An annuity can be an effective Medicaid planning and estate planning device, if done properly.  This article will focus on annuities as a Medicaid planning device.   An annuity is a product sold by insurance companies, which pays you back in payments over a set number of years.  I discussed annuities in more detail in a previous article.   (more…)

State Medical Insurance May Have To Be Reimbursed Through Child Support

The State of Ohio provides medical insurance for children of low-income families.  Any such state medical insurance may have to be reimbursed through child support.  This program is called cash medical support.  Unless the person paying child support is also low-income, that person will have to pay five percent of their income towards reimbursing the State of Ohio for providing medical insurance for the children.  Because that person gets a credit for this on support payments, this has the overall effect of reducing the amount of support received. (more…)

What Are Collections?

Once someone has a judgment against another, the State of Ohio has a number of ways to collect on the judgment.  These include wage garnishments, bank garnishments, recovering property, taking and selling property, and placing liens on real estate.  Each of these methods can be effective means of recovering the money awarded to you by the court.  Aggressive representation can help you recover your money before it disappears.