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Financial Power of Attorney

A financial power of attorney gives another person the power to handle that person’s financial matters.  The power of attorney can either designate that the attorney-in-fact’s authority begins immediately after it is executed or that such authority will "spring" into effect at a future date or upon a particular event.  Usually, the springing event is when two examining physicians determine that the principal is no longer competent.  Before choosing a “springing” power of attorney, it is important to consider the need for the agent to show proof of the event.  However, such powers always terminate upon the death of the principal. (more…)

Living Wills

In the event that a person becomes terminally ill or permanently unconscious, a living will is a road map of that person’s wishes as to the use of life-support, the course of medical treatment, and the use of artificial fluids and feeding.  Living wills are only used when the person is unable to communicate their wishes.  While the person making the living will can revoke or change it at any time, it cannot be revoked or changed by anyone else.