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Orrville Bankruptcy Attorney

Orrville bankruptcy attorney

What is an Orrville bankruptcy attorney? An Orrville bankruptcy lawyer prepares and files bankruptcy petitions in the Canton Bankruptcy Court.  The hearings for Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases are held at the trustee hearing room in the courthouse, located at 401 McKinley Avenue S.W., Canton, Ohio 44702.  The hearings for Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions are also held in the trustee hearing room in the courthouse.  Prior to the Chapter 13 hearings, debtors must sit through a mandatory informational class.  The hearings occur immediately after the class ends.  In order for the Chapter 7 or 13 hearings to go forward, the trustee must have received all the required information and documentation in a timely fashion.  The debtors must bring photo id and a social security card to the hearing.  The attorney advises the client and ensures that the necessary filings are made so that the client can receive a discharge of their debts. (more…)

Lodi Bankruptcy Attorney

What is a Lodi bankruptcy attorney? A Lodi bankruptcy lawyer does not file the bankruptcy petition in Lodi or any Medina County court.  The bankruptcy petition is filed in federal court, bankruptcy division.  Residents of Medina, Summit and Portage Counties would file in the Akron Division of the Northern District of Ohio Bankruptcy Court. Where are the hearings held?

Lodi Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  Chapter 7 hearings are held in the trustee hearing room located in the Orangerie Mall, 76 S. Main Street, Atrium Level #120, Akron, Ohio 44308. (more…)