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Child Custody In Ohio

How is child custody decided in Ohio? These issues are decided by domestic relations and juvenile courts in Ohio.  For disputes between parents, the domestic relations courts in Medina County, Summit County and Cuyahoga County hear such cases.  In Wayne County, Ohio, the domestic relations court hears child custody cases in divorce and post-divorce decree cases.  The Wayne County juvenile court hears child custody cases between unmarried parents.  For purposes of this article, we will refer to all these courts as the Ohio child custody court.   The Ohio child custody court must decide between sole custody to one parent and shared parenting with both parents. The parent who is awarded sole custody becomes the child’s legal custodian and will make decisions about non-emergency medical care, education, religion, discipline and extra-curricular activities.  The sole legal custodian must let the non-custodial parent know about such matters but will make the final decisions.   (more…)

Marshallville Divorce Attorney

A Marshallville divorce attorney represents people who either live in Marshallville or who need to go back to the Wayne County Domestic Relations Court or Wayne County Juvenile Court because they need to revisit a child custody, child support or spousal support issue in that court.  Having a Marshallville divorce lawyer on your side gives you the opportunity to have your voice heard effectively in the divorce court.