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Barberton Criminal Defense Attorney

What is a Barberton criminal defense attorney? A Barberton criminal defense lawyer provides defense for a variety of criminal cases.  Such cases include traffic cases, such as speeding, driving under suspension (DUS), leaving the scene of an accident (hit skip), and DUI or OVI.  A Barberton criminal lawyer provides defense for misdemeanor cases, including assault, domestic violence, petty theft and disorderly conduct.  A Barberton criminal attorney provides defense for felony cases, including felony theft, trafficking in drugs, sex crimes, and felony DUI or felony OVI.  This is not a complete list, as the number of crimes fill books and are too numerous to list here. What is the criminal justice system like for a person accused of a crime in Barberton? There are numerous possibilities, but this article will describe the typical procedures.  For example, referrals to diversion or intervention in lieu of conviction are not discussed within the frameworks described below. (more…)

Ohio Changes OVI Laws

Ohio’s laws for operating under the influence of alcohol have changed over the last several years. Learn more about Wadsworth DUI and surrounding areas.